Playing poker is exciting and fun. Whether you are playing with friends, or playing in a more professional setting, the quality of the pokerchips and poker cards are of great influence for the experience of the game.
In our assortment, you will find a great selection of over 20 series of casino chips. 

Pokerchips are generally available in 4 different materials. ABS plastic chips usually weigh 11,5 grams and are the cheapest chips available. Clay Composite are a mixture of different materials, including clay, resulting in a better sound and feel of the chips. This results in a more casino-like experience. These chips are generally very affordable and the most popular choice.

At the high end, you can buy ceramic or real clay chips. Real Clay chips are pretty hard to come by and are very costly. Ceramic chips are usually available for 60 cents up till one Euro per chip. They are custom printable over the entire surface of the chip, which means you can do great things with your own custom design. The sound of ceramic poker chips is very recognizable if you have ever played or viewed a poker tournament like the EPT.



Custom EPT poker chips

Ceramic EPT design pokerchips that can be fully customized to your wishes. Awesome pokerchips.




Custom pokerchip labels

Have your own unique labels made for your poker chips.

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