Premium Tournament 500 Set

Looking for an ideal poker set for your poker tournaments?! The Premium Tournament set is specially designed for use in poker tournaments. Shuffle up and deal!

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The ideal set for tournament poker!
This poker chipset contains 500 Clay Composite chips with the Premium Stripe design. The chips weigh 13.5 grams each.

The distribution of the chips in this set is ideal for poker and Sit & Go tournaments.

The set naturally includes the standard accessories, namely 2 decks of standard cards, a dealer button and 5 dice. The set comes with a nice black poker case.

The layout of the chips is as follows:

100 x green value 25.
150 x black value 100.
100 x purple value 500.
75 x yellow value 1000.
50 x brown value 5000.
25 x pink value 25000.

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