Help! How many chips do I need and which values ​​should I use?

Organizing a poker set is not always easy. You have to take careful account of various factors and think carefully about which form of poker you plan to play.

There is no official regulation for the chip breakdown of a poker set and that is why it happens regularly that people take a gamble with the breakdown of their set. You often get stuck with a lot of chips that you hardly use and that is, of course, a waste. But do not worry, through the explanations and tips on this page we try to help you so that you can make an informed choice.

How many chips do I need?

When determining the amount of chips required, we usually use the following rule:

  • up to 6 players: 300 poker chips.
  • up to 10 players: 500 poker chips.
  • Tournament 20 to 30 participants: 1000 poker chips.
Of course, the ideal amount of chips also depends on your own wishes and playing style. If you, as a tournament organizer, want to give your players a big pile of chips at the start, you may need more than 1000 chips. This number is normally quite easy to calculate. If you need help, you can always contact us. 

Which values ​​should I choose in my set?

At you can adjust the chip breakdown of almost all available poker sets without any additional charge. As said before, no poker game is the same and people can have their own idea with regards to forming an ideal poker set.

A 'mistake' that occurs very often is choosing too many different values ​​that are very close to each other. An easy rule is to ensure the next value in a set about is 4 to 5 times as high as the previous value.

For example: A good value distribution would be:

  • value 1
  • value 5
  • value 25
  • value 100
A too extensive distribution would be:
  • value 1
  • value 2
  • value 5
  • value 10
  • value 25
  • value 50
  • value 100
It is very simple to change chips among players or via the dealer or the pot in case a player runs out of low denomination chips. If you are in the big blind in a 1/2 cash game, a player can just put of a 5 chip in the pot. The dealer can then exchange the value 5 chips for value 1 chips. 

The biggest advantage, however, is that the played pots are much easier to calculate in the first-mentioned distribution compared to the second distribution. There are far fewer colors / values ​​of chips in the pot, which makes calculating easy and much faster. That automatically means that you can play more hands per hour and that's what it's all about! 

I know which values ​​need it, but how much do I need from each value?

For a game up to 10 people you normally do not need more than 4 values. Experience shows that you can usually get on with a percentage ratio of 30/40/20/10 from the lowest to the highest value.

In a set of 500 poker chips and with values ​​1-5-25-100, that means:

  • 150 x value 1
  • 200 x value 5
  • 100 x value 25
  • 50 x value 100
With the use of these simple rules, you ensure that you are not left with many unused chips.
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Comments (1)
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